REMOVING: Oil and grease spots using a mild degreaser/detergent such as Tide detergent or Dawn dishwashing liquid.

STUBBORN: Rust or mineral deposits can be removed with a light Muriatic Acid/Water solution, bleach or vinegar.

PERIODICALLY SCRUB: and Hose your exterior coating to prevent excessive dirt build-up. Wash interior coatings with damp mop, squeegee and mild detergent. If product is over an interior durarock sub floor, never use excessive amount of water (flood floor) and leave it sit to dry, such as a commercial kitchen area. This can absorb over time causing damage.

SNOW REMOVAL: Snowplows, ice chippers and metal shovels, can scratch your acrylic coating. We recommend using a plastic shovel, along with ice melt, to remove any ice buildup. Scratches are repairable, but will be repaired at the owners expense.

NEVER: Use any solvent-based cleaners such as Pine-Sol, or heavy cleaning equipment, such as an Industrial Floor Scrubbers or cleaners.

WAIT: 24 hours after sealer is dry for foot traffic, wait at least 3 days before replacing chairs, patio furniture, etc., wait 7 days before driving on, 30 day total cure time.

MAINTENANCE: Pressure wash, cleaning & reseal recommended every 2 years for exterior projects.

POOL DECK: When placing winter cover on pool deck- we recommend placing a towel, carpet piece, etc. under cover springs to prevent scratches over the winter. Scratches are repairable, but will be repaired at the owners expense.

CONTACT: Your local Authorized Dealer for additional maintenance procedures.

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