Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CTI Concrete System?

The CTI Concrete System is a color integrated, modified acrylic, mixed with Portland Cement and Polymer that is activated with a modified resin.

How long has the product been in use?

The CTI and it’s parent company have been producing Resurfacing Products since 1968. Acrylic Resurfacing has been in use since the early 1970’s. Polymer was added to the process in the early 1980’s to provide a superior bonding process of higher strength.

How does the product bond with existing concrete?

We will grind the substrate and clean to make sure the concrete pours are open and ready to absorb the coating. Next, a hand troweled skim coat of polymer and Portland cement is applied to the surface as thinly as possible. This allows the maximum absorption of the polymer into the existing concrete rather that building up the existing surface. When the polymer dries, it becomes a part of the existing concrete. Because polymer is absorbed and dries as a part of the old surface, the polymer strengthens and makes dense the existing concrete, as the new application and old surface become an integrated piece.

How thick is it applied?

The thinner we can apply the mixture the better, Usually between 3/32″ to 1/8″. We are more interested in getting the polymer to penetrate the existing concrete than building the existing higher. The skim coat can be applied up to 2″ thick to fill in low areas, level areas and fill holes. Areas that require more than 2″ filling will be filled with a Portland cement gravel mix over a coat of epoxy prior to the skim coat being applied.

Will my concrete still heave in the winter?

We can not eliminate the heaving of concrete. However, once existing concrete is resurfaced with the CTI Concrete System, the surface will be denser and less porous. Less water will be retained by the concrete and therefore, lessen the effects of freeze/thaw cycles.

Will the cold weather affect the CTI System?

The product was tested by subjecting it to a 60 day freeze thaw cycle. This means it was frozen and thawed 60 consecutive times with no adverse affect. It is stronger and denser than standard concrete and will hold up to cold weather much longer than standard concrete.

How does the CTI Concrete System provide protection from Stains, Oil, Spills, Salt Damage and Discoloration?

Once the skim coat is trowelled on and the Colored Decorative Coat is sprayed, the surface is sealed with a protective sealer. These sealers is non porous and UV protective.

 Will CTI Concrete System wear off?

The CTI Concrete System should not show wear providing that the Sealer is replaced as wearing occurs. We estimate this to take place no sooner than 3 years under normal traffic conditions for a solvent based sealer. Other type sealers will give you different result. Ask your dealer which sealer is best for your application. As long as the sealer is in good condition any wear will be absorbed by the protective coating.

What colors does it come in?

CTI Concrete System has 13 standard colors and 13 highlight colors to choose from. The Unique Highlight System allows many different color combinations. Custom colors are available on special order and at additional cost.

 Why should I repair my concrete rather than replace it?

If you replace your existing concrete you will be paying the cost of rip-out, removal, forming and pouring. This takes larger equipment than the CTI Concrete System, which sometimes causes damage to the landscaping. When completed you will have new concrete that will stain, will absorb oil and will be subjected to the dangers of salts, and has a strength of 3,000 to 4,000 PSI. Repairing concrete with the CTI Concrete System will be stronger than most concrete at 7,000 PSI, resist Stains, resist Oil Spills, and prevent Salt Damage. Additionally, it will add value to your home or property by making an attractive presentation of your concrete surfaces.

Can CTI be used indoors?

YES. CTI is as useful indoors as well as outdoors. The CTI system can be applied in basements as well as kitchen and bath.

Are the sealers safe?

There are a variety of sealers to choose from when completing a project. To determine which sealer to use, your dealer will take into consideration what traffic it will receive, if it is inside or out, and how accessible it will be if a reseal is needed. CTI has 3 sealers that are approved for indoor use.